On the Road Recipes

“I am not a Glutton, I am an explorer of Food!” – Erma Bombeck

I am a backpacker.
With that, comes the stigma that i live off $0.50 package noodles, stale bread and peanut butter. While this is (sometimes) true, I adore food. Unfortunately I have not been blessed with the gift of a ridiculously fast metabolism and so eating healthy is incredibly high on my list of priorities, even as a backpacker.

Eating healthy on the road (or in general) often comes with the assumption that it is expensive.I am going to challenge that and show you my favorite, healthy (and delicious) meals I make on the road while also living on a small budget.

The below recipes will include (where possible) the price of each ingredients and step by step instructions, so not only will you learn some of these awesome meals, you can also budget for them!

Say goodbye package noodles, hello yummy home cooked meals!

Poor Man's Paella. $6.50
Poor Mans Paella. $6.50
$6.00 Green Thai Curry

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