Winter Wonderland is the Hooker Valley Track

Walking round the corner the words escaped my mouth before my eyes could fully appreciate the view. Wow! I was truly in Winter Wonderland! (or Narnia, as I first thought). Just like Continue reading

I Don’t Want To Be A Traveller Anymore

Nomad/Traveller; the one glamorized word which gives people the imagination (thanks to social media) that we float around, frolicking carefree on sandy beaches. With perfect tans, awesome dress sense and Continue reading

Walking on Glaciers – Fox Glacier

Part two in the extra special – I still can’t believe this happened – series of ‘Walking on Glaciers” (I kind of feel like this should be a TV series? Continue reading

Walking on Glaciers – Franz Josef

Running my hand along the cool, smooth, mountainous walls of ice it was hard to believe this was real. Strapping on my crampons, crunching on the thick ice, stepping over Continue reading

Milford Sound: The Journey is the destination

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware” – Martin Bauber Hopping on the bus at Queenstown early – well, earlier than most as the driver had decided Continue reading