Who we are:

We are Janey & Callum!  Outdoor enthusiasts with a love of travel and off the beaten track adventures.  From Hiking, White Water Rafting, Sea Kayaking, Climbing, Slack-lining and Scuba Diving, there isn’t many activities we wouldn’t try.  Especially if it means we can get into the outdoors to do them!  This blog was first started by Janey from her love of travel and the adventures she would get up to along the way.  Once we met in Milford Sound, New Zealand where we were both working and living, the rest was history.  We teamed up and have had some amazing adventures around the world.  I have taken Callum hiking through the Dolomite’s and he has been teaching me to white water kayak!  Apart from outdoor activities and adventures we are also incredibly motivated, creative and passionate people.  Our love of adventure and the outdoors brought us together and now we use this blog to inspire everyone to step out of their comfort zones and get outside.  

We moved into Hugo the Van, a 2003 Ford Jumbo Transit Van, in June 2019 full time. We have been living in him ever since. Our family has grown since then with the addition of Kali the dog! Van life can be hard but is also incredibly fun! Currently we are based in Snowdonia National Park. Living in a van has been a big dream for us both and its lived up to everything we always hoped it would be! Van life has allow us to get away from the cities and into the places we love, permanently! 

Our Purpose:

Our goal is to find a home that will allow us to live our lives outside, instead of inside.  We have decided to take the inspiration and passion we find in the outdoors and develop it into a daily way of life for us that will hopefully, generate enough to keep us living this way.  Our main focus – is to inspire Women and Men to get outside and experience the world around them and explore their own backyard!  Keep up with our adventures on the blog, read our handy Outdoor Guides and follow us on Instagram.  If you are interested in working together, Contact Us

Meet Callum:

From Boy Scouts to Outdoor Instructor, I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors and the thrills you find there.  Especially if it involves water. I’m a experienced White Water Kayaker and Rafter.  In my opinion, the bigger the rivers and the crazier the rapids – the better!  I’ve been a raft guide in Wales and Nepal, a kayak guide in Nepal, Scotland and New Zealand as well as a Camp Counselor in America.  I’ve also spent time in Africa on personal kayaking trip.  If there’s an adventure to be had, I’m all over it! 

Meet Janey:

Brought up with a deep love of the outdoors I’ve always found fun in the quietest of places.  From the windy beaches, wavy oceans to mountain tops and summit ridges.  I love adventure under the ocean and on top of the peaks.  I’ve travelled all over the world and I’ve had the greatest adventures!  I’m a qualified PADI rescue diver and a passionate mountain lover & trainee guide.  If you ever need to find me, I’ll be outside! 

Recent Posts:

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