Did you know I’m a freelance content writer, copy writer and communications consultant? No, well now is your chance to hear all about it. 

My writing and clients tend to be outdoors focused, inspiring people to get outside, try new things, be guided to awesome places and understand exactly how to start. From full guides about specific destinations and/or activities to copy writing slogans for merchandise. My skills in writing have been a passion of mine for a number of years and often I am very selective with who I work with. I think it is important for both the brand/company/individual/etc to connect with the writer. So, lets talk about the role over Zoom or Skype before we get started, to get to know each other.

  • If you’re in need of inspiring, informative and imaginative content writing, check out my prices below.
  • If you’re in need of quick catchphrases, motivational statements and inspiring copy writing, check out my prices below.
  • In need of a website revamp, want to talk it through, need a whole new design and some content with it, see my communications consultant rates below.

The prices above are a guide to help you understand the costs involved. For all work mentioned above, please get in touch with me directly with a project proposal and a time in which you are free to discuss the project. I believe that every client/brand is different and the work reflects this which is why it is impossible to offer stable pricing structures.

I will not do work in exchange for products, please do not contact me regarding this. 

If you are interested in working together on a project not listed above, please get in touch. I’d love to hear any other ideas you may have!

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