Get Inspired to Get Outside!

Getting outside is a big passion of ours.  It’s where we have the most fun, how we met and it’s where we go to refresh and find inspiration.  These days we are all so busy we forget to slow down and enjoy what’s around us.  I think that’s why we love the outdoors so much.  When you get out there, you think about nothing else apart from what you are doing and what’s around you!  So it’s time to get you inspired to be more active, step out your comfort zone and get into the outdoors!  That’s we have created this page, whether you want tips on how to get healthy, find out what adventures you can do on the water and land, or just want inspiration; we have you covered! 
You don’t have to be a pro to have an adventure and you don’t need to be young to be a beginner!
So get inspired, try something new and get outside! 

Sea Kayaking in Doubtful Sound!
Doubtful Sound is the second most accessible Fiord in Fiordland National Park, but it's the biggest and quietest! Over two days we would kayak as much of the fiord as we could...
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Hiking in The Dolomites in Photos
The Dolomites has, for a long time been somewhere I've been dying to visit. The towering mountain tops, the beautiful make up of the rock and the sheer depth of the scenery looked amazing. When I got offered the chance to go, of course I said yes!
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Mountain Leader Training: Ups, Downs and Challenges
Mountains have always been my home. And so I decided to train as a Mountain Leader and one day, walk in the mountains as a professional!
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Adventures in Water

From whitewater raft guiding in Wales, to great white shark cage diving in South Africa.  Getting wet is simply another part of life for us and one which we love!  Check out our adventures on water and get inspired to have your own adventure on water!

The Mountains are often where we call home.  From trekking in the Himalayas, to camping in New Zealand’s Southern Alps and climbing the Scottish Peaks.  You can often find us heading off the beaten track. Read about our mountain adventures and get inspired to have your own adventure into the mountains!

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