Janey Mae

A storyteller by nature I grew up admiring the saying, ‘curiosity killed the cat’.

So you want to know about me?

Let me introduce myself; A coffee and confectionary addicted, captivated by the unknown obsessed with knowing more, more and more. Until books and the Internet are not enough and I swiftly visit it myself. Whether this is a mountain a couple of kms from my house or the other side of the world when something grabs my attention, it will be seeing me shortly.

Facts by themselves – in my opinion – are boring and I soon loose interest in hearing them, only if incorporated into a story, personal experience or daring adventure will I listen and take in all the information. Which is pretty much what Little Wanderlust Stories is all about.

Little Wanderlust Stories is going to tell you – based on my experiences and opinions – about my travels around the world. I’m going to give you the full story, the good the bad and the ugly because, let’s face it; if we all lived in a world that Instagram has us believe we do, where would the fun really be?

Off the beaten track, adventure, slow and Solo Travel is what you will find here. I’m all about the budget. – which at the moment is incredibly low – I will share the ways in which I save, spend and recoup my money while I travel. Getting out of my comfort zone happens often and frequently. I push my limits and challenge myself on a daily basis. I aim to share all of this with you with the hope it will give you that push to venture out into the big wide world and tell me your stories of adventure!