15 Photos to Convince You To Explore Myanmar

I’ve had some incredible adventures over the years but nothing compared to Myanmar! It’s home to the ‘friendliest people in the world’, thousands of ancient pagodas, good food and surprisingly landscapes. The best bit, there are hardly any tourists to contend with…. Or maybe that’s just because I decided to explore Myanmar in low season.

Myanmar (or Burma) is awesome for adventurers! Compared to Thailand there are very little tourists here. This means, if you want to venture off the trail – and c’mon, we all do – it’s pretty easy to do so! Myanmar has a ‘tourist triangle’ you can easily follow, but really, there’s more to see than that! The rural villages, caves, rivers and mountains all call for your adventure!

But to get off the tourist trail – like really off it –  and find some hidden gems, you need insider knowledge!

My trip to Myanmar was totally spontaneous! In fact, my visa was approved a few days before I arrived! Of course that also means, I did absolutely no planning at all when I arrived, before I arrived. In fact, I didn’t even really know where anything was! FlyMYA came to my rescue and helped me explore Myanmar’s best bits!

Honestly guys, if you are planning your trip to Myanmar, get in touch with FlyMYA to help you plan your route. Without these guys there’s a high chance I would still be lost on overnight bus – or on the wrong one. – Missed a tonne of incredible caves and I would have never learned to drive a Scooter! They had all the best insider knowledge to get you to unique spots, offering unique adventures.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out these awesome 20 photos to convince you to explore Myanmar with FlyMYA.

Explore Myanmar
We woke up at 4am to hike Zwe Ka Bin Mountain… these guys were heading up for the second time that morning! Safe to say they put me to shame!
Explore Myanmar
The view from the top of Zwe Ka Bin Mountain was definitely worth the 4am wake up call!
Travelling myanmar
Burmese people think bling is better, this even stretches into the Pagodas. Buddha’s need neon lights too!
Explore Myanmar
The caves here are incredible, so are the Buddhism decorations. Most of the cave systems are free to get into, just remember to bring a head torch! 
Explore Myanmar
Definitely don’t miss sunset at U Bein Bridge in Mandalay. Our taxi driver drove… lets just say, a little speedy to get us there on time.
Explore Myanmar
Don’t miss Bagan when exploring Myanmar. The pagodas are incredible and you wont struggle to find your own ‘private’ pagoda. There are over 2000 and at the moment, many are still free to get in!
Explore Myanmar
Take a little time out of your epic trip and spend time with the locals. We went to an orphanage/monastery in Bagan and encouraged the children to speak english with us. It was something so easy and small to do, but worth it. 
Explore Myanmar
Did you know that Myanmar is one of the only South East Asian Countries where women can be Monks? They wear pink robes instead of orange but like the men, they also shave their head, abide by strict rules and collect Alms from the locals. 
Explore Myanmar
Don’t leave Myanmar without learning how to ride an E-Scooter! Hands down the best way to get around Myanmar. They cost around $2 a day to hire, so cheap and so fun!
Explore Myanmar
It’s incredible what you stumble across when you source local knowledge. Pyin Oo Lwin is an old British Colonial Town and this waterfall is a hidden gem! Seriously, make the hour hike down Steep hill and jump in for a swim! There are literally, no tourists around here! 
Explore Myanmar
The Markets in Myanmar are incredibly vibrant and beautiful. The vegetables and fruits are SO good and cheap!
Explore Myanmar
Did I mention the views in Bagan are pretty special?
Explore Myanmar
Squeeze through the small holes, up tiny staircases but watch out for those sneaky windows pretending to be doors!
Explore Myanmar
Head to Hpa-An to explore some of the BEST caves in Myanmar. Many either come with a small entrance fee or are completely free! Just remember your head torch, it gets pretty dark!
Explore Myanmar
Don’t miss the epic sunsets in Myanmar. Find yourself a lonely Pagoda, climb it and wait, it’s always worth it.

As you can see Myanmar is incredible and definitely somewhere to explore sooner rather than later. Sadly as of November 2017 you will no longer be able to climb all the Pagoda’s in Bagan as they are chasing UNESCO protection. This is great for the protection of Bagan, but sad for all us travellers looking for incredible views!

My trip to Myanmar definitely wouldn’t have been so awesome if I had just winged it. I got to see some incredible places and spend the short time I had, off the beaten track.

All I can say is, thank god I decided to explore Myanmar with FlyMya, I wouldn’t have found these beautiful places otherwise.

Have you explored Myanmar?
If you have, where was your favourite place and why?
I would love to know and hear your stories!



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