Here’s to you Little Dreamer.

Here’s to you little dreamer.

Here’s to you little dreamer, wandering the world, following your passions as they come Living in the present, smiling, laughing and seemingly at ease. You are a positive energy that attracts people, you are never alone until you want to be and that suits you just fine. Jobs you want you get – for the most part – and when you want something you go head on, all in and work hard.

You are the picture of someone who has it all together but inside, you quiver when you think of the future.

Here’s to you little dreamer

You’re 25 now. Half way to 50 they say.

You still have no idea what you want to do when you ‘grow up’ or at least, one particular idea. There are numerous possibilities, millions of ideas passing through your head but you can’t grab one for long enough before something else sneaks in. The one question that always knocks you down is ‘where do you see yourself in x amount of time’ because your answer is always ‘I’m not sure/I have no idea/oh, maybe here or there’.

You’re smart, kind and caring. Your passions stretch across the board and you wonder ‘why can I only choose one’. You look up to people who seem to have it together, the people with a plan. They are heading in a direction, they will make enough money and probably have a pension one day. But you little dreamer, are still hopping around, some days you don’t have enough money for food and credit card debt rears its head. Unsure of how long you will stay in one place, you don’t have a single area you recognise as home. You are not money motivated little dreamer, you see working as an annoying must do to earn the living you feel you are entitled to. To live on earth and experience it costs a lot, but does it really have to.

You, dreamer, are not prepared to shackle yourself to a job which only allows you minimal ‘me’ time a year, a designated segment of time you have to ‘request’. Why should i ask for time off to visit my family at Christmas? Why should i only have 2 weeks off a year to do what i want with. How is that fair?

You are not conventional. You have never done things ‘the same as everyone else’ and that’s not on purpose, it’s just you. But little dreamer, you may not have a plan but at least you know what you don’t want in life and you’re brave enough to stand up against that.

Little dreamer you are following your heart and chasing the dreams. All the small dreams and big dreams a like.

Here’s to you little dreamer

While you may not aspire to one particular lifestyle maybe that is perfect for you. Because maybe, little dreamer, you are exactly where you need to be right now and that’s all that matters.

Remember that the people you think have it all together often look at you with envy. Your carefree way of life, existence, is something to be proud of. You may be deemed as selfish but really, who else do you have to support in life. You have no attachments to any one place or any one person and that fits you perfectly.

While some days you may want a plan, remember back to those days where you sat with your head in your hands. Staring out the window at the birds and the squirrels playing in the trees. How free they seemed. Living for them. Remember that envy you had. Remember the plans you made to make your life as close to the carefree birds and squirrels as possible.

So keep dreaming.

Keep being different and not following the norms. Have adventures, chase butterflies, sleep in, quit your job if you hate it, go someplace new, laugh, cry, dance and love. Don’t go back to something because you feel it’s whats expected from you, run from that. Instead run to what you crave, what you love, what your passion is. Because that is where you shine.

So here’s to you little dreamer, please don’t think about a plan right now. Why would you want to know where you will be in x amount of time. Isn’t it more fun to just wait and see?

This is a personal post to give you an idea of where my head has been for the last month or so. I’ve been relatively uninspired in a lot of my creative life so I took a break. New doors have opened and I’m genuinely happy but the ‘1 year plan’ etc has been bogging me down lately. So this is a personal letter to myself to remind me how I’m living my life my way. If this resonates with you in any way, makes you smile or understand then I’m so happy.
Please, let me be hopefully one of many to tell you, you are doing just fine. You are awesome. Your life is beautiful and perfect for you.You are kicking ass.

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