Hiking in the Dolomites

Hiking in The Dolomites in Photos.

The Dolomites has, for a long time been somewhere I’ve been dying to visit. The towering mountain tops, the beautiful make up of the rock and the sheer depth of the scenery looked amazing. When I got offered the chance through Macs Adventure to go on their Dolomites to Lake Garda trip, of course I said yes! The self guided hike took us through some amazing scenery and of course, into my happy place, the mountains!

Hiking into the Dolomites was an amazing experience! This trip gave us a taster of just what the Dolomites could offer and wow! We are so ready to head back for more, stay longer in the mountains and the beautiful Rifugios. Bathe in the sunshine and eat lots of Pizza!

But until that day comes, here are a few highlights in photos of our amazing trip to the Dolomites!

Hiking in the Dolomites
The amazing views from the Cacciatore Hut. Our last mountain hut of the trip. Apparently, there are bears down there. But we didn’t see any!

The Dolomites Mountains
The mighty, dramatic peaks of the Dolomites from way, way below!

Mountain Rifugio's in the Dolomites
Our favorite Rifugio (Mountain Hut) on the trip. Mainly for the destination. I mean, could you blame us?

Hiking the Dolomites
Just a rare picture of me, standing right in my happy place. To the Dolomites, I love you!

Climbing in the Dolomites
A Chapel in the Mountains. Deep in the middle of nowhere, hours from rescue I can understand why some climbers might say their prayers here.

The Dolomites
Just your everyday kind views. Not bad at all! I can’t remember how high we were at this point. Somewhere near 2000 meters!

Towns near the Dolomites
The house with THE views. I would happily live here. This trip took us through some gorgeous towns skirting the Dolomites.

Hiking the Dolomites
We totally lucked out with the weather. These super clear days made the mountains look like a painting!

Dolomites transport
This is not a Gondola for people, this is for supplies. We did wonder how they got their food, water etc up 2500 meters…

For Tourists…

Trento town
There’s some pretty cool castles around here too! Trento was an awesome little town to explore before we hiked into the mountains!

Lake Garda
The lake marked the finishing line of our trip to the Dolomites. Not a bad place to enjoy some wine and ice cream!

The Dolomites was a dream trip and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to experience it. Next time round I think we skip the fancy hotels and bag transfers. Instead we’ll head deeper into the Italian Dolomites for a much more adventurous time to really see as much of this part of Italy as possible!

Do you have any tips for our next trip to the Dolomites?

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