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Our Van Is For Sale!

Beautiful Home on Wheels, Ford Transit Jumbo (XLXH) for Sale!

It is with great sadness that we have decided to put our pride and joy up for sale. Due to COVID our circumstances have changed and living in our van full time is no longer an option. He has brought us so much joy and memories we hope we can pass him on to someone else longing for long term van living and adventures.

A 2003 For Transit Jumbo he is a rare find and only has 96,000 miles on the clock (authentic). Been well cared for in our time, sadly we do not have the previous owner’s history, but we know he was kept in storage for a long time. We have had the heater matrix changed, fully serviced, MOT’d until 22nd Feb 2021, Fan belt changed, engine batteries replaced, and rust treatment done in our time of having him. The tires were new on purchase and still have plenty of tread on them.

In the van you’ll be impressed by the bright airy space and the amount of storage available. We used beautiful Solid Oak for the work top areas and tiled above the kitchen with Moroccan themed colours. The van is warm and cosy thanks to the insulation around the whole van and in the colder months, the diesel heater will warm the van in 10 minutes. We have lived in the van all year round and it’s been comfortable, even in 30-degree heat. There are 2 large skylights on the roof, one in the seating area and the other above the bed. These both open to allow a lovely breeze and come with fly nets and black out blinds built in.


This van is solar powered with a 250watt solar panel on the roof providing power all year round. We have also installed a B2B split charger which charges the leisure batteries when driving and can jump the engine if ever needed (we have never had to do that). You can check on the batteries from the Solar LED Monitor in the cab giving a simple breakdown of what is going on. Giving you peace of mind. There are six LED lights installed with a dim switch function. To charge all your essentials there are 3x 12v charging panels, each have 2x USB connects and a single bullet charger. As well as the 12v system the van has a 240v hook up installed and we have installed 240 charging points as well.

The Bed:

The bed is fixed and has a king-size memory foam mattress. The bed itself is king-size deep but measures 5ftx5ft. My partner who is 6ft sleeps diagonal on the bed comfortable, I’m 5,5 and comfortable sleeping normally. There are storage shelves above both ends of the bed for clothing. They do not have doors, but this would be easily added, or you could attach some bungee cord.

The Living Space:

A bench which can easily sit 2 people and comfortable hand made cushion. The bench top lifts to reveal a big storage area, perfect for food or pots and pans. Next to the bench is another worktop space which an area built in below we have used for a dog cage/bed. The cage is included and can be secured in with the bungee cord. If you do not have a pet, it can be simply removed and perfect place to store a stool and use the work top as a table or working space.

The Kitchen:

The Kitchen is a great space. We installed plenty of worktop space to use and a regular household double gas burner, meaning you can use full sized pans. The gas it connected to a propane gas bottle stored in a gas locker by the bed in the van. The electric clicker built into the hob will only work if on 240v hook up, we used a lighter. Below the Gas Hobs is the Dometic Fridge/Freezer unit. Designed to be ran off solar power this fridge is awesome. Keeps your food nice and cold. The small freezer section can be removed so you have a larger fridge, or you can change the settings and make the who fridge a freezer. The sink is a stainless-steel bowl with plug. The tap is cold water only and is extendable with two water settings, full power, and shower/rain feature which is a perfect outdoor shower on hot days! Under the sink you have your 70L clean water tank with outdoor facing key-locked refill point. You also have your greywater tank which is a small 20L black tank which needs manual emptying.

The Garage:

When you open the back doors of the van you have a huge garage space. Perfect for storing bikes, extra gear, etc. The floor is lined with heavy duty plastic for easy cleaning preventing scratching. The garage is also home to the water pump & filtration system, the electrics, 2x leisure batteries and the diesel heater. The batteries are secured in plastic boxes, the diesel heater is boxed in and the electrics are all on a swinging door panel when closed offers protection. We have done our best to make sure the essential systems are well protected.

This description should give you an idea of how much love, time and effort has gone into making this van build comfortable and homey. The van is ready to be lived in, there are some areas where it has not quite been finished, but it would be an easy task and allow you to make your mark on the van. There are extra wires run to areas for easy extra installs if you wanted to add extra electric points. The outdoor body work has recently been treated and repainted to ensure it is ready to go for the next owner.

For a simple breakdown of everything included in our Ford Transit Jumbo For Sale see below:

  • Dometic Fridge/Freezer (CoolMatic CRX50 Compressor Cabinet Fridge/Freezer 48L Stainless Steel Finish)
  • Double Gas Burner Installed
  • Propane Gas with Gas Locker (Bottle Half Full) included.
  • Diesel Heater Installed
  • LED control panel for diesel heater with Bluetooth switch
  • Diesel Tank in back connected to diesel heater will almost full tank of red diesel included. Plus, extra in Handheld tank
  • 250watt Solar Panel
  • Solar LED Monitor in Cab space to monitor batteries charge.
  • 2x Leisure Batteries In garage space
  • 24v Hook up installed & hook up cable included plus European Conversion
  • 2x Captain chairs (Drivers & Passenger both spin round)
  • 2x Large Roof Windows (Dometic) with flynets & black out blinds
  • B2B Split Charger Installed
  • Smoke and Monoxide Alarms
  • 3x 12v charging panels incl Bullet (Car Charger) & 2xUSB chargers & 3x chrome plated double socket 240v Charger installed
  • Shurflo Water Pump System (Shurflo filter, water pump up to 45psi, fiamma water accumulator& aqua water filter) Cold water only.
  • Fiamma Fresh Water Tank 70L with key locked fill point
  • Hose to fill Water Tank Included
  • Tank for Grey Water
  • Storage Shelving Above the Cab
  • Storage Shelving above bed
  • Storage Shelving above living space & Kitchen
  • Spice Rack
  • Omnia Oven, Camping Toaster, Bowls & Plates, Cutlery Separator Included.
  • King-size Memory Foam Mattress Included (5ft x 5ft)
  • Secured Small Dog Cage included (Can be removed if you do not have a pet travelling)
  • Curtain separating Cab and living space
  • Curtains connected for side windows included
  • Stainless Steel Sink and Tap with extendable head included
  • 6 LED lights with dim feature and switch installed
  • Vehicle Parking Leveller in Cab
  • Front Extra Headlights (Hunters headlights)
  • Back Spotlights
  • Reversing Camera installed (currently not working due to wiring issue, can be fixed)
  • Full Insulated van including floor, doors, walls & roof
  • Solid Oak Countertops
  • Vinyl Flooring

Currently we are based in North Wales close to Bangor.
If you have any more questions or want to arrange a viewing, please do send me a message.

Asking price £10,500 – or sensible offers only.

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