Why Everyone Should Go Hiking (in Scotland)…

My home playground is one of the most magical in the world.
Tourists flock here year upon year. – It’s the home of the brave and the land of the free – Scotland is a wild and passionate soul.

Scotland is where i call home in between my Globetrotting adventures and, oh, what a home it is.

The wanderlust doesn’t stop when i get home. Oh no.
My backyard is a beautiful playground, offering up adventure at every corner – the mountains yearn to be explored, the islands call, the cities sing and the woods enchant me.

I’m One of those people that you have to keep your eye on or I’ll wander into the woods and forget to come back. 


 You are now entering a Stress Free Zone.

Something happens when you wander outside – outside the familiar – all the troubles/worries/fears of everyday life just slip away. You loose that constant chatter in your head, your senses go a little nuts and your soul smiles.
This is a feeling you do not want to miss.
Whether you are with others or alone – the feeling is the same.
Everything becomes interesting, colours more vibrant, wind softer, smells intensify and you walk as though you are floating in a dream.


 Your Imagination will run off with the fairies – let than inner child break free. 

You will stumble across things which will make your imagination run away with you.
Like that wooden mushroom – I was in the middle of the woods, In the middle of nowhere – whoever decided to carve this Mushroom has no idea the impact it has had.
One of the most random, magical and enchanting things I have come across.


 You will find a sudden and overwhelming appreciation for nature.

I mean – just wow – the beauty, the power, the force and the life giving source we all take for granted.
Opening yourself up to nature, loosing yourself in the vastness and allowing yourself to feel insignificant and small in this overwhelming landscape – is all just part of the experience.


What you see and appreciate will be different from what other people see and appreciate

Everyone see’s the world differently, beauty shows itself differently to everyone.
Take the beauty you see in – take it all in – keep that memory, it’s all yours.


Don’t forget to look up – your feet will find their own way

The climb can be difficult (exhausting at times) but don’t forget to look up, trust your feet.
If you don’t look up, you might just miss that moment you never thought you would see.
When i looked up from my feet here, exhausted from the hike so far – all i could imagine was Frodo and Sam’s Struggle up Mount Doom – may not be super motivational but wow. It worked. 


The view from the Top only fuels the wanderlust on further.

The Horizon is the next challenge…. 

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