Why Krabi Should Be On the Top of Your List Now.

The Giant rock formations, incredible foliage and jungle scenery finished off by breathtaking beaches only thought to exist on over edited covers of magazines and daydream imaginations. Offering culture and relaxation but also filled with a never-ending list of activities suitable for all (or none) levels of adrenaline rush.

Krabi is the picturesque landscape that you see on the front of the brochures enticing us to ‘Visit Thailand’.

I went to Krabi just before New Year, at the start of my permanent traveller status and when people say ‘save the best for last’ I certainly did with Krabi, it was my last stop before leaving Thailand and continuing down into Malaysia.

While the beaches are to breathtakingly perfect – you might have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s real – it has far more to offer than just relaxation and perfection in the form of white sand, perfect turquoise water and incredible natural wildlife.

Here is why Krabi is more than just another beach destination and why it should be on the top of your travel list NOW!

There’s So Much to Explore You’ll Be Spoiled for Choice…

From the lonesome, impossible standing limestone rocks calling you to kayak their caves. To the beautiful jungles canvassing the beaches offering shade and tempting you in with curiosity and the possibility of spotting the locals – Monkeys of course!

‘Something For Everyone’ couldn’t be a more true statement here.

If you are a keen hiker, just step out of your hotel/hostel and take a spin, mountains baby. So many peaks awaiting your conquering feet.
If you are a ‘beach person‘ looking to get away from the crowds, find that perfect slice of paradise all to your own. Krabi is spoiled for choice with beautiful beaches. Escape the main Ao Nang beach and you’ll find wonderful small, secluded, isolated pristine beaches. You’ll only be sharing it with the Monkeys in the shade.
You want adventure and you’re an explorer at heart? Well haven’t you come to the right place! With the jungle lining the pristine beaches, a quick escape from the laziness of relaxing is just a few feet away. Curiosity will pull you in – and keep you there – the jungle calls your name, the caves in the rock offer too much wonder to ignore, the ocean is filled with beautiful, colourful and protect marine life.

You’re Never Far Away from another Adventure…

I’m not sure how you could but, if you get bored with the mainland (I know, it’s a crazy thought) you have some incredible – and I mean BEAUTIFUL – islands only a short, exciting, long-tailed boat ride away.

Ask anyone, anywhere, down at the beach, that man on the street, your nail technician, or the official tourist shop and everyone will recommend you hop on one of the (many) beautiful Long Tail Boats and head out to the cluster of islands near by and Koh Phi Phi.


You’ll be in for some incredible diving and snorkelling spots, the water is so clear and the marine life is so abundant in the marine park, snorkelling will satisfy your taste for adventure. But if you want to get down and fully explore the best on offer, get geared up and jump in!

If you are keen James Bond fan or love the move The Beach (I mean, who doesn’t?!) go and check out the island locations where scenes of the movies were filmed – i know all the film buffs here are getting a little excited – and trace Leo’s steps into the hidden, beautiful sea cove. Don’t worry, no sharks here.

If the islands themselves don’t captivate your attention and the abundance of marine life doesn’t phase you; the scenery you experience while speeding around the islands, in the most impossibly blue/green ocean, with the ‘how are those still standing’ rocks passing you buy will grab your attention. It’s out of this world and so incredibly beautiful you won’t be able to do it justice through pictures and explanations – Just take me next time, yeah?

Even the Most Restless of Us Will Be Spoiled For Choice…

So activities are your thing huh?

They are also mine too. As much as we all enjoy a good beach day, lying there, soaking in those rays we didn’t think were possible (or ever seen if you’re from Scotland) there comes a time where you have to move. Do something challenging. Cure the boredom and leave your travel companion’s – or poor strangers – ears from going deaf with your constant boredom babbling and get out there and use up some of that energy that’s fully recharged.

Rock Climbing.

THE BEST activity I did in Krabi. I’m not the most skilled – with heights or climbing – but I am not one to say No to anything, I need to try it, I have massive FOMO and it helps me do great things.
But putting all my complexes aside, Krabi is also named one of the best spots in the world for Rock Climbing. Attracting climbers from all over the world to its freestanding rock-walls in the Ocean and the sheer drop cliffs offering even the most experienced climber a challenge.

The landscape offers a perfect variety for all different levels of climbers – and fast learners – from straight edge cliffs, curved caves and overhangs to easy lean in walls.
Not only is the climb challenging but once you get, even just half way up, the view is incredible.


Don’t Believe the Hype, This Isn’t Just Another Backpackers Town….

Krabi offers some of the most quirky, standard and beautiful hostels and budget hotels. But if you are looking to indulge yourself in luxury, planning a special occasion or maybe travelling with families. There is something for everyone here – accommodation wise.

Ao Nang is the main town in Krabi and whilst your travel agent may talk it up as another tourist, backpacker, party induced town unsuitable for your needs. I would argue that they are lying.
I’m a backpacker, but I also am not one for staying on the strip. Partying all night. Never sleeping and waking up to cockroaches crawling over my bed, whilst the rest of the drunks stumble in with their unwanted guests.
I like my luxury or at least a little bit of privacy. A comfortable bed to sleep in, minus the bugs. A cool town to explore not just one trying to drag me into each bar along the way. And this is what Krabi offered to me, and more.

Ao Nang is a lovely tourist town. You aren’t hassled, the most people ask you is ‘how are you’ or ‘are you hungry’ – two of my most favourite questions – its super kid friendly, honeymoon orientated with a price tag even backpackers could argue with.

The town should not be avoided. It’s relatively tame for a ‘tourist town’ and I was here on New Year and it was not as mental or in any way out of control as the travel agent built it up to be – much to my disappointment, for that night only.

Go Now, Before it is Ruined.

Finishing on not such a great note huh?

Well much to the anger, protest and upset to the ‘locals’ living there – I don’t mean Monkeys this time – the Government is pushing for a Coal Power Plant to be built-in Krabi.

The impact this will have could be devastating. You’ll already see some of this devastation when you are travelling to Krabi where the mining has ruined some of the most beautiful rock structures.

The Coal Power Plant will create some horrible pollution, have some possible deadly effects on marine and wildlife, destroy a lot of the natural jungle and scare people away from this incredible, beautiful beach side town where people flock to appreciate ‘what Thailand used to be like’.

Before I left Thailand our hotel manager asked us to sign a petition to stop this industry moving in to the natural beauty of Krabi and instead, suggest other more eco-friendly, negative-impact reducing methods of energy producing. If you travel to Krabi and are politely asked to sign this petition, please take the time to do it.

One Signature makes a difference and tourist opinions have high influence in areas of the world that so heavily relay on them.


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