Why Travelling Was Never a Choice…

“The time will pass Anyway, You can either spend it Creating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t want. The choice is yours.”

Life doesn’t seem all that real until you are spat out of School, University, College – education, the only constant in your life has wiped it hands of you – and you hit the ‘real world’ with a thud.

We are ‘conditioned’ throughout our lives – from the minute we are born – that we will go to School, University, Graduate, Get a Job, Work – Work your life away – Vacation, Get Married, Have Babies, Teach them the same, Retire, then die.

‘Life’ described in this way sounds like a conveyor belt, while I tried to push my way through the ‘stages’ expected of me, I couldn’t help but constantly think – This can’t be it, surely life will offer me up something else? I don’t want to be like everyone else.Get me off the conveyor belt.

Working a straight 9-5 Job is not for me, I’m a clock watcher and lately, a calendar marker, constantly distracted and daydreaming – mainly about how nice it would be to be a bird, to just soar, take off whenever you wanted, having absolutely no responsibilities.

I made the choice, I don’t want to die from Karoshi – or boredom – I’m going to be a bird, forever.

“You have Brains in your head. You have Feet in your Shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” ~ Dr Seuss

Travelling was never a choice for me – it is hard to summon a sentence to make you fully understand why – it’s just there, constantly.
I often describe it as a craving to completely escape – your version of – reality.

Home is where the Heart is.

My heart is everywhere, all the time. I don’t distinguish ‘home’ as a building, city, country or place.
‘Home’ is where I feel most comfortable at that time.
Maybe this has been brought on because I have moved house a lot growing up, it was slightly unstable, so change became the norm and it wasn’t as scary as I once thought.
But all i know is once my heart has moved, my soul has to follow. My heart has a tendency to fall in love with new ‘homes’ an awful lot.
The pull of the heart is a tug-of-war you will always lose. 

The Wanderlust Gene is apparently a real thing.

Curiosity and Restlessness are the ‘symptoms’ of wanderlust gene which causes increased levels of Dopamine in the brain – I.e. makes you happy – and drives the individual to world travel.
Apparently, this is a real thing. I hope so, it is the best gene I have ever inherited and if this is true, I am sharing this with only 20% of the population – I would like to meet the rest of them please. 

My Feet itch after a while

I have a limit on how long I can be in one place.
I can’t tell you why or how long this tends to be, it varies from place to place – person to person – but once the limit is hit, my bags are pretty much packed.
You could argue I could ignore it, sometimes, I only wish i could – It’s like an itch, the longer you leave it the stronger the itch urge becomes until you finally give in. 

It is the Only Passion I have.

Nothing has ever remained more constant in my life than travel.
Whether it’s family holidays or my own. Weekends away or afternoons exploring. Travel is all I think about. It’s also my job.
I couldn’t imagine a life without it and it’s not something I ever tire of.
But I’m tired of doing it only for work, tired of only having two weeks (max) away and having to compromise on things I wanted to see/do to get it all in.

Only 195 Days to wait.

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