Yummy Green Thai Curry

Okay, this dish is one of my favorite foods. It would be high up on my list of answers when asked, ‘what’s the one food you could eat forever’. Honestly, it never gets boring and it’s super yummy, easy to make and (kind of) healthy.

I became obsessed with this flavorful dish when I went to Thailand and since then I make it wherever I go. It can have as little or as much spice as you like, you can add in extra veg, replace the chicken with alternative meat options (or no meat at all) or even just have meat and no veg! The choices are unlimited.
While my recipe is definitely not as good as Thailand’s, it hits the spot. Flavorful, fresh, hot and leaves you feeling satisfied.

This Green Thai Curry Recipe will provide at least 3 servings if eating Solo. 


Two Tablespoons of Oil
– A bottle of oil can cost as little as $2.00, depends on your preference.
I buy soya bean Oil. Will last you months and you can often find oil in the ‘free food’ section in hostels.

1 cup of Rice
– You can get a bag of rice for as little as $2.00 and it will last at least 5x Meals.

1 Chicken Breast
– Basic ‘home brand’ will come in around $5 – $7 depending on weight

Two handfuls Green Beans
– Depending on weight otherwise buy a pre packaged bag for around $4.00

Coconut Milk/Cream
– Pick up the home brand (I always go for the light version) for around $2 – $4.

Green Thai Curry Paste
– I buy the highest spice level for $4.00 a jar which will last me another two batches.

Spinach (Optional)
– A large bag of Spinach is around $4.00.
Again this will last you easily a week and can be used in other things throughout the week.

Chili Paste (Optional)
– Can buy for around $3.00 and it lasts for ages! Saves money on separate chilies.
If you have a taste for spice, like me, add this in. If not, don’t.

Total Cost without optional: $19.00
Will last you: 3 Days (Unless you share)
Cost per day: $6.30

Let’s Cook!

Dice the Chicken Breast into equal sized cubes.
Put two tablespoons of Oil into a medium/large pan and heat. Once hot add the chicken.

Option: For extra spice add in a teaspoon of the Chili Paste

Cook the chicken until it is half done and then add a generous amount of the Green Thai Curry Paste (again, the more you add, the more the spice).

Mix in well and keen frying until the chicken is just starting to brown.

Tip – If you are finding the paste is beginning to stick, turn the temperature down! Don’t let it burn.

Add one can of coconut milk in with the Chicken and Thai Curry Paste and lower the temperature – you don’t want the mixture to be boiling. 

Prepare your vegetablesin my case I normally only use Green Beans – and rinse them in cold water.

Cut off the two ends of the Green Beans and either keep them full length or cut them in half (your preference).
Use as many Vegetables/Green Beans you like.
Add the vegetables in with the Chicken and coconut milk, mix in a little and keep the pot on a medium/low heat.

Do not let the Curry Boil.

Leave the curry on medium/low heat for around 20 – 30 minutes

While you wait for the curry to finish, it’s time to prepare the rice!

Fill a small non stick pot just below half full and bring to boil.
Add just over a handful of rice (for one person) to boiling water.
Leave rice to simmer for around 10 – 15 minutes, check this periodically to ensure no burning.

Once the rice is fluffy and sticking to the spoon, drain and serve.

Turn off the heat to the curry and give it a stir.

Serve the rice and curry – together or separately, your preference (I like it all mixed together).

For an added extra health points, add some spinach on top (or mixed in).

And you are done! Tuck In!

You have some spare? Grab that secure seal Tupperware, pop it in, cool it down and take it with you for the next dinner! Easy!

What did you think of this recipe?

Do you do anything differently?

I would love to hear if you tried this and how you got on!


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