Is Van Life Over

Is Van Life Over? Life Update!

To say that our lives have been flipped upside down since this pandemic hit would be correct. Honestly, this year could not be more different to what we had planned and a big part of us is mourning that loss. I’m sure we have all had to change, adapt, amend, and say goodbye to a lot of things this year, I know we are not alone. So, what does that mean for us? A couple that only a year ago, bought a van, designed it ourselves, worked our butts off for a month, moved in full time, got a puppy and had some small adventures; are now considering the possibility, is van life over?

We laugh a lot with each other right now. Every time we speak to our friends and families our plans (of life) seem to totally change. But behind, what appear to be, our spontaneous life decisions, are long and often late-night conversations. Remember, thanks to Covid we spend pretty much 24/7 together, we have a lot of time for these chats!

Van Life Views
These views are by far, some of the greatest.

Was Van Life Worth It?

YES!! Van Life is incredible and really gives you a sense of freedom. After all, your home moves. How incredible is that? Being able to move and have different view everyday while cooking is so nice. Looking up at mountains one day, the crashing waves of the ocean the next. It is bliss. We love living van life full time.

There were so many worries and fears going into van life. Some from us and some projected onto us by others. But honestly, I think living in a van is probably safer than living in a house. Afterall, if someone tries to break in you can drive away and leave the whole situation, right?

Don’t worry mum, we have never had our van broken into ‘touch wood’.

The space is small, yes, but honestly it is enough. When you have traveled as much as we have, enjoy living out of a tent or renting rooms from friends, moving into a van is like buying a whole house. It is exciting, all ours and a totally unique design that we created! People are amazing, we learn to adapt and living in a small space is something you adapt to. I mean, Callum and I lived together and worked together, we even got a hyperactive puppy in the van too! AND we lived in it, all year round and didn’t get a heater until February this year. Trust me, if I can live in a van full time, you can too!

All the fears or worries about van life can be given some thought. But the benefits of living van life full time are so much more exciting to think about! From mountain views, to crashing waves, we have had some incredible views in the van.

Our favourite must be sleeping below Tryfan in North Wales on a clear night. We left the skylight blind open, snuggled in bed and watched the stars as we drifted to sleep.

Guys, van life was mine and Callum’s biggest dream. We bought, designed, built, and lived in a van full time in the UK rather than go on a year long trip to Canada. That is how big a dream it is for us and how much we have loved it. No regrets.

But Why is Van Life Over?

Here it goes. After a year of living in the van full time we have decided to put Hugo (our van) up for sale. Yes, we are heartbroken about it.

We are selling Hugo as he is a van built for someone (or some people) to live in full time. He is a home and right now, in the current climate and our personal circumstances, we cannot live in Hugo full time right now. Therefore, van life is over for us, for now, but we have more plans about vans for the future.

Covid has totally turned our year upside down. If this pandemic didn’t happen we would have spent a month up in Scotland walking the Cape Wrath Trail, we would still have jobs in the outdoor industry (we have been made redundant) and we would be working a lot and saving money to go on a big European road trip this winter to catch some sun. But now, we have decided this next year needs to spent getting some work and qualifications in jobs that are more secure. Because who knows what other pandemics are on the horizon.

So, we have decided that for now van life is over for us, but we are excited to set up a base camp in North Wales and invest in a smaller, weekend warrior van for the future. Hugo deserves someone who will live in him full time, take him on adventures and really use him for what he was built for, big adventures.

While we are heartbroken about giving up Hugo and mourning the life we had planned; we are EXTREMELY excited about the future. In no way are our adventures over. Van life may be on hold for now, but our adventures are only just beginning – now the restrictions have been lifted.

If you’re in the UK and want to check out our lovely, reliable, and mighty adventure machine Hugo, contact us for more info.

Is Van Life Over?
Van Life in the mountains comes with pretty sweet views.

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