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A New Arrival Joins The Van Life Crew!

It has been a long wait but finally she is here and we can share the news with you all! A new arrival has joined our already awesome van life crew! Welcome to Kali the van life dog! She is an adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy and has absolutely melted our hearts. What we know, is our adventures are going to get a lot more epic now!

Many people may say that having a puppy in a van is a bit much. But for us it has been perfect! She is currently just over 8 weeks old and honestly, learning so fast. We are certainly not experts yet but we are pretty sure that toilet training is going to be easier than it would be in a house. And she is already responding to her name, come, bring back, get it and toilet. There is of course so much more to come and I’m sure loads of curve balls! But for now she is being super great and I honestly couldn’t wish for a better little partner in crime.

We prepared BIG TIME for Kali the van life dog. You can see what we did here. But we build a whole area for her, she has a cage (that we call the den) set into a counter top with drawers around it and a beautiful oak counter top on top with a shelf built in. Her space is gorgeous and she loves it, which is half the battle! We don’t let her on our bed at the moment. For toilet reasons of course but also because our bed is permanent and it is pretty high off the ground. So if she were to get on the bed and fell off, it would not be ideal of course! We have set boundaries for now but once she starts to grow bigger that is probably all going to change. It’s too hard to not let her on the bed!

Van Life Dog and Future Adventures.

So what about our adventures you ask? Well they are not going to slow down. Thankfully we can get Kali a pet passport and she can travel with us to a lot of places we still want to go. The biggest one, Canada. It is high on our list of BIG adventures and thankfully we can ship the van but also fly Kali over with us and she wont have to go through quarantine. That one is super exciting! But in the meantime we live and work in Wales and love it here. There are so many adventures we will have here and all over the UK first. We also plan to do some cool trips into Europe and depending on what happens (Brexit) she can come right on in with us. Easy!

Our adventures to some places may be a little more difficult. But all of our big dreams are going to include her and it is going to make those dreams even more incredible. We thought the decision through big time before we got a van life dog and it has definitely been the right one!

We have sooo much more to learn about her and how to raise a dog but we are super excited for the future. She certainly wont be short of dog walkers or puppy babysitters that’s for sure! And I can’t wait for her to get her next round of injections so we can her out and about, experiencing the world a little more!

For more updates on Kali the van life dog, be sure to follow our second Instagram dedicated to Van and dog related posts Tails of the Road. Otherwise, keep an eye out on the blog for more epic stories!

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