The TranzAlpine Express: One of the World’s Great Journeys.

You never have to travel far in New Zealand to experience the beauty the country has to offer, this is especially true for New Zealand’s South Island.

Sometimes it is nice to be the passenger, to not have to focus on the driving or map out the route, but just to know that the trail you are following is going to give your eyes so much beauty it could be lethal.

Flying back to Melbourne to Christchurch – my first point in the South Island – I wanted to get to the Mountains as quick as possible. I wanted to see, feel and have my breath taken away by the landscapes of the South Island that New Zealand is famous for, I couldn’t think of a better way to do this than hop on the TransAlpine Express, one of the world’s greatest journeys.

For only $99 one way (which was perfect for me continuing down the West Coast) it is a bargain. Make sure to request a window seat where possible to get the best of the views, but if not don’t worry; the outside viewing deck is pretty much the best place to soak in the Mountain air and beautiful scenic views.

So let me take you with me on a journey perfect in Summer and Winter – Just make sure to wrap up warm in winter – brace yourself (and your eyes) for some incredible landscapes and snapshots to what you’ll see on the incredible TranzAlpine Express. One of the many reasons to visit New Zealand...

Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories
DSC_0242 copy
Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories

Departing from Christchurch the first leg of the trip will take you out of the cities and surrounding small towns into the local farming community. The approaching mountains teasing you with their breathtaking beauty as you slowly make your approach to them.

Listen to the commentary about the local history, legends and nature facts as you approach what everyone has been waiting for.

At this point it’s time to decide, stay in the warmth of the cabin or get outside for a better view…..

Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories
Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories

I made the wise – well, it was freaking cold, but I still say wise – decision to head to the outdoor viewing cart. These open gorges on the way into the mountain pass were worth it.

The water was so incredibly blue, the low over hanging clouds and the beginning of the beautiful, monstrous mountains was breathtaking.

Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories
Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories

“Kid, you’ll move mountains!
Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting.
Get on your way!”

Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories
Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories

You wouldn’t think these beautiful, hidden, mountain fairy lands would be real. But here, they are.

Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories
Credit: Janey Mae @lilwanderluststories

As you begin to leave the mountains in all their slender, you’ll pass through the cutest mountain settlements, cross some beautiful bridges and go through a tunnel carved into the mountain on approach to Greymouth.

So tell me again why you wouldn’t want to make this Journey?

These are just a few snapshots of the beautiful scenery I experienced doing the Alpine Crossing. It was by far the most incredible introduction to the South Island I could have hoped for.

Watch this space: You’ll find more snaps from this journey soon, keep an eye out for updates on that.

The train leaves Christchurch at 08:15am and will arrive into Greymouth around 12:45 depending on weather conditions/delays. You can either do this journey as a one way (like I did) or purchase a return. If you purchase a same day return, you will have an hour in Greymouth (there really isn’t that much there) before then heading back on the train to Christchurch.

The train runs all year round and in almost all-weather conditions. The snow and cold was beautiful to experience this journey in, I can only imagine how incredible it would look in summer.

If you have any questions on the TransAlpine Railway Journey, or you have done it yourself, I would love to hear from you! 

Friendly little note my lovelies; please don’t take the above photos without asking/permission. It takes a lot of time (and trust) to put these picture posts together and to take/edit the photos as well!

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