Tongariro is worth Crossing – Here’s 10 Photos to Convince You…

May Your trails be crooked, Winding, Lonesome, Dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. – Edward Abbey


Tongariro is a National Park and also a World Heritage Site found in the North Island of New Zealand. Home to Volcanos, the inspiration behind Mordor and Mount Doom – Lord of the Rings reference for those unsure what I’m on about – and an ever-changing landscape with surprises around every corner pushing you forward, it is no surprise that is often voted one of the best day hikes in New Zealand.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is not for the faint hearted. While it is a beautiful day hike, the walk itself will take you around 7 – 8 hours and that’s before you add any ‘extra’s’ into the walk (i.e. Mount Doom) and this doesn’t factor in the photo ops! It is a hard walk with lots of steep climbs, stairs and loose ground. In spite of all this, it is a walk I would recommend to EVERYONE!

Still need some convincing?

Well here’s 10 Photos which will blow you away, give you major wanderlust envy and itching to get those walking boots on:

  1. It may start off a little busy, but it is still incredibly beautiful.
By Little Wanderlust Stories


2. To climb Mount Doom (and add 3 extra hours) or to not Climb Mount Doom?…

By Little Wanderlust Stories

3. The View Mid Way up Mount Doom was Incredible enough for some people to turn around and go back down…

By Little Wanderlust Stories

4. But they missed out on the Incredible view from the top – Can you spot the blue lake?

By Little Wanderlust Stories

5. You go from Hiking Volcanoes, to walking in the desert. 

By Little Wanderlust Stories

6. Climbing out of the desert you don’t expect to be looking over the inspiration for Mordor..

By Little Wanderlust Stories

7. Climb a bit higher and look back at Mount Doom you just conquered and old Lava Flows, these Volcanoes are still active to this day…

By Little Wanderlust Stories

8. But look forward and your welcomed into the land of fairy tales (or elves?)….

Fairy Pools. Is this a dream? By Little Wanderlust Stories


9. You make it down the last of the loose soil, past the pools and look back at what you’ve accomplished (but you still have 3hrs to go)…

By Little Wanderlust Stories

10. Just when you think the landscape stops surprising you, you turn a corner and see mountains and Lake Taupo…

By Little Wanderlust Stories



So what are you waiting for?! Get those hiking boots on and sunscreen ready!


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